Meet the Team

Meet the team

Clinical team

The clinical team of Medical Radiation Technologists (MRTs) work on the unit in scheduled rotations.

Simon Felton

Charge MRT

Simon has been with the unit almost since it was first rolled out. Having the most experience means he is the go-to guy for the other MRTS. He holds a heavy traffic license from the days when the MRTs used to drive the unit as well, and he still has a turn behind the wheel every now and again. He also works as a magnetic resonance imaging technologist in private practice in Christchurch.

James Hayes

MRT (The Irishman)

James is a character and enjoys his role on the unit almost as much as he enjoys a good yarn. James also works for Christchurch Polytechnic as a tutor for the Bachelor of Medical Imaging Programme. He is also heavily involved in research and has undertaken research of ESWL practices.

Debbie Klausen


Debbie joined the team early in 2018 as a MRT and enjoys the diversity of working on the unit. She also works for a private practice in Christchurch as a general MRT, PACs and application consultant.

Karen Miller


As the newest clinical member on the unit, Karen is enjoying the opportunity to diversify from working in an x-ray department environment to travelling around the country working on the unit. She has many years of experience as a medical radiation technologist working both here and abroad. Karen also works as a radiographer in private practice in Christchurch.

The mobile lithotripsy unit team

Steerologists – We have three dedicated steerologists (also known as drivers) who alternate driving the unit. The driver’s job is not complete upon reaching their destination; they are also responsible for the deployment and effective operation of the unit at each site.

Gavin Hurring

Steerologist (aka Driver)

With 35 years’ professional driving experience, Gavin has developed a comprehensive knowledge of New Zealand roads. As one of the two mobile surgical unit drivers, he is also responsible for deployment of the surgical unit at each site, ensuring the onboard systems are able to support safe operating theatre practice.

Jim Wilson

Steerologist (aka Driver)

With extensive experience driving trucks and coaches on both sides of the Tasman, Jimmy joined the team in 2001. Since then he has supported Gavin in driving the mobile lithotripsy unit around the country on its five-week circuit.

Micky Prendergast

Steerologist (aka Driver)

Micky has been driving trucks since the early 80s. He has vast experience in logging, freight, bulk and oversize loads. He also spent more than 10 years trucking in America hauling freight, produce, as well as owning his own business hauling cars. He joined the company in July 2016 and as the “newbie” has had to quickly learn a different aspect of truck driving, with the daily running of the onboard systems.

Support Team

Mark Eager

Chief Executive

Mark has been with the company since 2007 and comes from a nursing background. He manages the team at Mobile Medical Technology, as well as the relationship with the Ministry of Health and many of the DHBs throughout New Zealand.


Dave Withell

Operations Manager

Dave has worked at Mobile Medical since 2000. He initially worked in the IT department, focusing on networking, hardware, and video conferencing. He moved to a scheduling role for the Mobile Medical Technology (MMT) lithotripsy unit, where he also managed the maintenance of both the lithotripsy and surgical unit owned by Mobile Health. In recent times his focus has turned to manage the construction of the new lithotripsy unit that launched in June 2021. He is overseeing the design and construction of the mobile surgical unit for Mobile Health.

Heather Nielsen

Anaesthetic Technician

Heather works for Mobile Medical Technology as an anaesthetic technician and is also our patient liaison co-ordinator. She comes to us with an extensive background in the medical field. She has been a registered anaesthetic technician since 1999 and holds an educational role as a national assessor for anaesthetic students through the Auckland University of technology.

Heather is responsible for conducting patient follow-up questionnaires for all patients treated on the lithotripsy unit. She also manages stock supplies and general office administration.

Pam Gove

Accounting Manager

As the accounting manager, Pam takes care of our payments and receipts and provides accounting information to the management and board. Originally from South Africa and having qualified as a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in the UK, Pam worked for various National Health Board organisations in finance and in management prior to immigrating to New Zealand. She claims not to know ‘Suzie the waitress’.

Kate Hubbard

Scheduling Manager

Kate is the latest addition to Mobile Medical Technology and joined the team in June as the scheduling manager. She manages the scheduling of the mobile lithotripsy unit, a role which includes booking all site visits, staff travel and liaising with specialists to book patient treatments. Previously, Kate worked for an events company, but is enjoying the opportunity to diversify and learn a new role.

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